Spiritualism is a way of life. It combines Philosophy, Science & Religion.
A ‘Medium’ is generally accepted, as a person, who can go into ‘trance’ (a meditative state), and can converse with Spirit Entities, commonly referred to as ‘Guides’.
A ‘Guide” can be a loved one who has passed into the Spirit World, through the veil, such as Parents, Grandparents, a relation of some kind – or they can be an entity , usually of like-minded temperament as yourself, who is desirous of assisting you, in your progression – whether it be for Clairvoyance, Healing or generally guiding you on your pathway. ‘Guides’ can be of any creed, or culture.
By attending regularly at a Spiritual Church. At Brunswick, on a Sunday evening, from 6.30p.m. they conduct what is commonly referred to, as an ‘Open Developing Circle’. This normally runs for about two (2) hours, and involves a general ‘meet & greet; instructions on how to open the ‘Chakras’; then a guided meditation period; ending with sitters’ personal experiences; and a closing of the ‘Chakras’.
There are many ‘Chakras’ throughout the body – but they are your Psychic Centres. You are taught to use seven (7) main ‘Chakras’ – to open and close them at appropriate times. When they are ‘closed’, this prevents any unwanted entities from invading you.
‘Closed Developing Circles’ are like-minded people, who have regularly attended the Church, for at least three (3) months, and have displayed a willingness to graduate from an Open Developing Circle (Sunday nights), to a ‘Closed Developing Circle’ which contain the same number of persons, desirous of developing their own Psychic ability from Kindergarten stage, to becoming Clairvoyant, or able to advance to the ‘Trance‘ stage of their ability.

Brunswick has three (2) such classes each week, and are conducted regularly on Monday and Tuesday nights. To become a Member of a ‘Closed Developing Circle’, you must firstly become accepted, and you must become a Member of the Brunswick Spiritual Lyceum Church Inc. Once becoming a Member of a ‘Closed Developing Circle’, you automatically become that regular ‘sitter’ and cannot change to another ‘Closed Circle’ without the Leader’s permission.

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